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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. the confrontation in a bay area club turns into multiple murders. the video shows everything. what police are still trying to figure out. a big name among foodies now is at its wheels. it's the intricate plan to boost guy's lamborghini from a showroom. >> a sign says all dogs must die. one attacker chosen to target man's best friend. and meet moms who have stopped babying their babies. >> want to stand up while i put your bib on? >> the parenting method that encourages you to yes, reason with a two-year-old. >> raising creative thinkers. >> and good evening, i'm
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juliette goodrich. >> we often show you the aftermath of vicious crimes, but rarely do we see one in progress. >> tonight, we have video shot inside a san jose bar on the night of a deadly attack. police want you to see it. >> the footage shows the gunman wearing a gray bullet proof vest chasing the owner through the club. walks him out in a head lock. they struggle past the stage and continue towards the side door. once outside, san jose police sergeant describes what happens next. >> the struggle ensues. the owner flees on foot and the suspect eventually chases him down around the corner off camera and shoots him. >> here's closeup view of the shooting. amazingly the owner survived, but the gunman, hector, is
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still on the run. tbl we no longer feel that we have an opportunity to identify him before he harms somebody else. and at this point, public safety and the safety of the general public outweighs keeping this under wraps. >> investigators say it was all over a drug debt. someone inside the club shot and killed two of the attackers before getting killed himself. in the video, you can see one of the medical reportly wounded kidnappers climbed into the get away car. the man slumps against the side window and that's where police found him dead, a few blocks later. after watching the surveillance video, the neighbor says something has to change. >> should the club get shut down? >> i believe so. >> here's one more look at the gunman, that's him on the right. >> and gruntman is described as a hispanic man in his 30s and police believe there's a chance he's in southern
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california or mexico. if you have any information, police want you to give them a call. >> thank you. governor brown self-imposed budget deadline is two days away and there is no budget deal. republican lawmakers are holding firm to their demand for a reform. no tax extensionings. the governor wants voters to decide. five senate republicans set a letter saiding they were at an impasse. today, one of them, senator tom harmin and dodged questions and the governor didn't say much either. someone is trying to poison pets at a bay area dog park. two incidents at the dog park in sunnyvail. the warning dog owners need to know about. >> those of us with two legs have our choice of places to work out, but local laws muzzle
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the workout of our four legged friend. >> it's great for the dog. they get exercise. they don't get it elsewhere, you know, this is the only way they can run around. >> that's why crystal packs up her one-year-old lab mix. >> there's not that many. there's a couple in santa clara and mountain view, but this is the closest one. >> the dugans call it the canine play date. >> it's a friendly group. they are all like a club. they all know each other. >> but not everyone sees the four legged patrons as man's best friend and has gone on the attack in a disting and potentially deadly way. poison complete with this calling card. all dogs must die. once maybe a prank, but twice, that seems to be a pattern. in fact, on two separate occasions, someone has left open bait box of commercial rat
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poison inside the park. the city is now posting warnings. >> one box was left within the park area. so the other pox that is left in the entry way where there are two gates and all people and dogs have to go through. some of the rat poison is distributed on the ground. >> no dogs have been injured. but everyone fears sprinkling that red poison on the ground extends this threat to children. >> i don't like it. >> while authorities in sunnyvail attempt to sniff out a suspect, dog owners summed this attacker up in one word. robert lyles, cbs5. >> other headlines around the area. a body was recovered on the rock near fort mason. u.s. park police are handling the case because the remains were found on parkland. authorities haven't revealed the gender or age of the
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person. >> contra costa is growing faster than any other county. the county is now home to more than 1 million residents. contra costa leaders plan to draw new boundaries for its five districts. and two police officers who shot and kill add barber shop owner will not be charged. the officers were flagged by a woman who said derek jones tried to strangle her. the officers said jones denied repeated demands and he appeared to be reaching for a weapon. no weapon was found and informations found witnesses confirm the officer's account of the incident. >> it wasn't your run of the mill car thief, not by a long chief. someone repelled down the side of a building. the owner of that car is a nationally known celebrity. grace lee reports the hardest
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part of this job for the thief may still be ahead. >> i would say it's unusual. >> it's a cape ire of movie proportions. >> hello ladies. >> but say good-bye to a lamborghini, like this one. because someone claimed on to the roof of the dealership and stole the $200,000 car. >> i would say it required a certain amount of planning to have the ropes and certain amount of experience with those ropes. > police believe he was held by the roof, and gymmied open a second story window and strolled inside. the culprit cut the inside logs and drove away in the lamborghini. we don't know the face behind the criminal genius yet, but we do know the owner. in 2008, yellow and black galardo belongs to guy. the host of diners, drive ins,
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and dives. you may have eaten at one of his restaurants. >> obviously the guy had a lot of ambition to steal his car. >> spencer sells vintage and race cars and says a job like this is really shocking. >> i have never heard of one being stolen under any circumstances. >> the world of exotic and luxury cars is a small one and the biggest challenge is selling the car. it can be hard to sell a lamborghini this whole air as a part. >> sell the parts. there's very few transmissions and body parts running around accounted for. >> what do you do? your best bet would be to sell it overseas. you better hope shipping officials look the other way. or, you could disguise it in a box.
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a big one n. san francisco, cbs hue. mardi gras 2011 is in the can. earlier, the streets were packed. locals saying this was the biggest mardi gras crowd in ten years. it over lapped with college spring break. the city is expected to take in there are 300 million from all of this. >> a lot of you love it, but a lot of you are getting tired of charlie sheen. there is good news. how yo can guarantee you'll never read about him again. >> and there's no difference between generic and name brand. >> highs across the bay area has 68 in santa cruise. sure, a few clouds tomorrow, u be the area in the mid 70s with the pinpoint forecast.
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doweled be the secret to raising a happier child? coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"you didn't go there, because e, you condemned me fired cbs star charlie sheen continued his very public meltdown today. >> you didn't go there because you judged me, you discarded me.
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not anymore. winning. >> sheen's latest winning rant was his reaction to being fired from his hit show, two and a half men. earlier the website, tmz captured him one top of a building. >> guess what? there's an app for that. a browser plug in called tinted sheen blocks any mention of sheen from your browser. the add on installs in seconds and simply blocks sheen's name with colored bars. it works with fire fox and chrome and is similar to the bieber blocker. that one, well, that blocks you know who. justin bieber. >> watch out, tiger moms. a growing number of parents have adopted a new approach to parenting. they are unbabying their
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babies. >> julie is serving her toddler a snack. >> you want to stand up while i put your bib on? >> but she is not strapped into a highchair. >> he has his freedom to get up if he doesn't want to eat. i learn that he doesn't need to be contained in a chair. >> two hands with the cup. >> he sits at a table and drinks from a glass. >> good job drinking your water. >> he is one of a number of children across the nation who are not being babied by their parents. the approach is called rye. resources for infant educators. >> i feel like i'm creating little learners. > we tend to baby babies. they are humans. just because he can't say complete sentences to me, doesn't mean i need to talk baby talk to him. >> parents learn the
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fundamentals. do less, observe more. if their infant falls or takes away a toy, they do not intervene. >> sometimes i feel like it's more about comforting themselves because they are uncomfortable with hearing their child cry. >> the focus, how the baby experiences life and that includes acknowledging their opinions and offering them choices at an early age. >> for instance, it's time to go now. i see, i don't want to go, but it is time to go, shall i carry you? >> telling your way baby what you want to do is respectful, and helps the chile's sense of predictability. >> we would never haul an adult into the other room. why not afford the same respect to a baby? >> however, professor katherine says that science does not backup all of these ideas. >> baby is happy sitting in a highchair looking at you and splattering and playing with
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food. use the highchair. >> not only that, not every mom thinks you can reason with a two-year-old. >> i think a baby is a baby. >> but supporter st say they seen nothing but positive results in their children. >> learning about table manners a the a very young age. >> love it. we do, too. >> cbs 5 health watch. i'm a softy. i don't know. >> it's time to go now. mommy, i already went. >> tough love. >> they are still babies, aren't they? >> oh boy. it looks like today we had temperatures from 59 degrees to 68 degrees in santa cruise. this is the scene. you can't tell, but it's mostly cloudy and we have air temperatures in the low 450s. we'll be tumbling into the 40s overnight from 41 degrees in
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santa clara. 43 redwood city. tomorrow morning, you're going to neats patchy fog that will develop in the overnight hours. we will have partial clearing. first up, there's this area of low pressure this will it banged up the north western part of the state. but these clouds were able to undercut the ridge of high pressure. a dirty ridge of high pressure, but strong enough in which it will provide ample sun shire for thursday. tomorrow, portly sunny sky. 68 in kempfeel, otherwise east of the bay, the numbers to the bow and even a few mid 70s further east you go, p 8 degrees mr.s in pleasant hill. your peninsula number is in the
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upper 60s and low 70s. so tomorrow is going to pan out to be st warmest day of this workweek. 75. that is in santa cruise. otherwise, we will increase the cloud cover on thursday and introduce that chance of rain showers. partial clearing, but that's going to set the stage for a wetter system working its way into our forecast on sunday. lingering showers monday and a new storm for tuesday. but all this rain is making things blossom. have you seen this out and about? this was sent by ada. we thank you very much. we encourage you to keep the pictures coming. >> no, but we have your mask, that's good. >> where is your mask? i'll go get it. immediately. >> all right, thanks. >> which burns better?
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brand-name gas lien or something that start from a station? >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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somewhere else, like you got your regular gas station, but what if the gas is cheaper somewhere else? like at an independent station? greg priestly wants to know, is there really any difference between the gas i buy at a major brand station and gasoline purchased from an independent? that's tonight's good question. >> americans are praying that the price of gasoline peeks and soon as it aroachs $4 a gallon, there's a lot of shopping going on for that cheap gas. >> the gas will probably run adequately, but it doesn't meet the requirement of the automobile manufactures and what they recommend. >> executive director of the california service station and automotive we pair. despite what you thinking think, all phac is not created equal. when you pull into a major
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brand station, you are guaranteed as top tier gas. >> are you okay if. >> added determine. they go by the name vectron and propower and are designed to clean and boost performance. when you purchase gas from an independent, you are brying raw gasoline, which is why it's a bit cheaper. >> it's all percent choice. >> instead of a diet of the unform you late the goos. >> you are probably okay. go to click on connect to send me your good questions. did the sharks have enough gas in overtime tonight? i'm dennis. but was that enough? tipoff is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i know you're a huge hockey fan. i'm going to ask about patrick
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marlowe in a second. >> you did just take my line. i like to stir the pot and i'm going to do it tonight. i think patrick is a better closer than brian wilson. [ applause ] >> shut up. shut up. >> 2nd period tied at 1:00. his second goal of the season. sharks up 2-1. now nationals payer play, shay webber competes on the advantage and we are going to overtime. there's the closure. [ buzzer ] >> he's done it again, patrick marlew. >> put a beer down it, you got the closer. his 8th overtime goal. nashville was held 4 shorts in
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the thinker period. how bad has this road trip been for the warriors? he scored 19 points tonight. monte gave it to him right there. warriors down 12 in the first period. mante leads in the second half. six total in the game. that is a career best for monte ellis. watch this finish. watch this finish. he scored 17 of his 24 in the third. warriors just their second win on this road trip with one left to g in jersey. former a's kicker has better facial hair than anybody else. thoughing out the first pitch, andy laroche. he is batting.3 # 3. nearly got
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thrilled by the broken bat, but a's win the game 2-1. the giants lost to the narer ins, too. o i'm beginning to think that heat needs a time for nays. >> bug i don't cry. but they lose to the blazers. the heat has lost a season high five straight. number four, a brat leads on to a field. the rest gets a willed cart. he is exjected. number three. it's sometimes better to be lucky than geed. in turned out to be a gamer. scary moment here, he goes face first into the post that holds up the glass. word from the hospital, he is okay. and number one, third grader in
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porthand, tour did taking on st. matthews, tee will travel. he traveled all over, but you know what? there's a thing you do not -- a good moment with detail. >> that's called a buzz kill. >> you are nothing but a buzz kill. >> you don't do that. could you do that? >> there are no three pointers in that league, so they had to go to overtime, they won 34-30. >> nice. >> all i have to say, change the subject before somebody gets hurt. what a great call by randy hon. a great call with patty marlow. i'm sure you agree. buzz kill. ,,
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>> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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shoots and scores. he's done it again. >> i have two words to say. randy hon. perhaps he's the best closer. brilliant.